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  'The Open Plan Office Survival Guide'

Open plan working environments are the norm in most organisations. It's flexible, encourages conversation between colleagues - but not universally popular! These 'open plan working etiquette tips' can make it easier... READ ON

'Managing Interruptions From Your Boss'

Do you feel as if you're constantly interrupted during the working day? And when the worst interrupter is your Manager... READ ON

'Make Deadlines Your Friend'

It's tempting to think of deadlines as negative, especially when imposed on you by others. But you can use deadlines to boost your motivation & performance - here's how... READ ON

'Keep Track of Details - how to use a Tickler File'

Sometimes the simple solutions really are the best, & it's particularly true when it comes to storing information. This article describes how to set up a system to help you remember important details easily. READ ON

'5 Tips for Hitting Project Deadlines'

We all know it's important to keep our projects on track & deliver on commitments. But do you havbe an efficient & reliable system to warn you if all isn't going to plan? READ ON

'Winding Down At The End Of The Day'

Do you ever find it difficult to leave work behind at the end of the day? Many of us do. Here are some practical suggestions to help you wind down & enjoy a relaxing evening.. READ ON

'What Morgan Freeman Taught Me About Goals'

Last weekend I again watched the film 'The Bucket List' & it reminded me of the goalsetting process & why it matters to us all READ ON

'Favourite Work/Life Balance Quotes'

A selection of favourite quotes themed around the topic of 'work/life balance'. READ ON

'Juggling Everything, Expertly, Everyday'

Most of us spend our time juggling a multitude of activities & projects. Sometimes it's frustrating because while we're undoubtedly busy, it can take an age to finish anything & move on to something new READ ON

'Let's Do Lunch'

When you're under pressure, skipping lunch & breaks seems a natural choice to save time. But you need a break to keep your productivity & enthusiasm high READ ON

'Making You A Priority'

Many entrepreneurs start businesses with dreams of taking back control of their time, working fewer hours & enjoying work again. But let's face it, sometimes the dream takes a little longer to materialise than we hoped READ ON

'Meeting Madness'

Do you seem to spend so much time in meetings, that you never seem to have enough time left for your 'real work'? Here are Four Pointers to help you make better use of the time you give to meetings READ ON

'Choosing The Best Calendar For You'

When deciding to 'get organised', one of the first things people often do is invest in new time planning tools to support their new organised ways. But with a dizzying choice of formats available, which will suit you best? READ ON

'Beginning The Shorter Working Week'  

Have you ever noticed how much you can get done when you have an absolute, immoveable deadline rushing towards you? Imagine how effective you could be if you were always like that! READ ON

'How To Get Started When You're 'Stuck'

Being 'Stuck' is an uncomfortable feeling most people experience from time to time. We want a result - but to get there we have to do something that, for whatever reason, we're resisting with all our power READ ON

'Listen To Your Body - & Achieve More Today! '

We all have a preferred 'clock' for our bodies, and our energy moves through peaks and troughs during the day. What is your preference - and how can you use it to increase your efficiency? READ ON

'Maintaining Peak Productivity At Work'

How well we take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, impacts our effectiveness at home and work, and how we cope with stress. Bearing these Six Tips in mind can help you care for yourself, and in so doing, will improve your productivity READ ON

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