'Stress Buster!'

A Webinar With Rosie Gray 

Everybody experiences pressure at work sometimes - there are tight deadlines to meet, problems to solve & in most organisations, constant changes. The work may even be boring or perhaps you don't get on with everyone you work closely with.

And life isn't neatly compartmentalised. Unresolved work issues are taken home, & difficulties outside work inevitably spill over to working life. No wonder the pressure can really build up at times.

Working under pressure often lifts performance, helping us deliver our best results so we wouldn't want to be without it completely. But what happens when the pressure becomes too much & we go past the 'tipping point' of healthy pressure you enjoy into harmful stress?

Of course, most of the time you 'bounce back' without ill effect. But if the pressure becomes overwhelming & is sustained over time, it can damage your health, productivity & relationships.

So in todays busy workplace, it's valuable to know how to maintain your balanced perspective, performance & personal well-being when the going gets tough. Harmful stress can effect anyone, whatever their role, seniority or gender.

The 'good news' is simple, practical changes can have a big impact, keeping you healthier, happier & more productive.

What You'll Learn; 

  • Understand the difference between healthy pressure & harmful stress
  • How to recognise the common signs of harmful stress, in yourself & others
  • How to identify what can cause stress & how to spot your 'stress triggers'
  • Positive steps to develop your resilience, wellbeing & ability to 'bounce back'
  • Practical 'First Aid' tips you can implement rapidly when the pressure becomes too much

It takes just one hour to participate in this information-packed webinar. By applying the simple, straightforward actions recommended to boost your stress management skills, you're going to enjoy better health, increased productivity & feel happier for years to come.

Whats more - you can do this without even leaving your desk! 

How Do I Take Part?

This Webinar is designed to bring you the most relevant information required to deliver 'quick wins' to reduce pressure & long term benefits - FAST! 

  • No wasted time travelling, no expenses for overnight accommodation or travel, no lost time away from your work . ....
  • You simply join the webinar at the given time & attend 'virtually' 
  • Convenient - the webinar fits easily into your busy schedule. It's as simple as booking a meeting into your diary
  • And if your schedule changes - recording will be available after the event so you can catch up or review the material again
  • No special equipment is required to take part - just access via the computer or telephone
  • You even have the opportunity to ask questions

When & Where;

No Events Scheduled At Present 

1.00pm prompt BST

Check your local time zone 

And of course you can listen in wherever it suits you, avoiding the cost and further lost time of travel. The Webinar will be recorded so if you are unable to attend 'live' you can listen later.

How Much is the Webinar?

This Webinar is great value at just £39 plus VAT.

Places are strictly limited on each Webinar so act quickly if you're thinking of attending to secure your place.

Just CLICK HERE to Book Your Place(s) Now.

On receipt of your booking and payment, we'll confirm your place(s) by e-mail, & send access details.


Meet Your Trainer - Rosie Gray

Rosie, a leading expert in time management & personal productivity, has designed this webinar & will deliver it personally. Rosie has worked successfully with clients of all sizes - from household names to small, specialised companies, professional services & the Public/Voluntary sectors. She has considerable business & line management experience. She's particularly interested in identifying what the highest performers do that makes them so successful, & enabling others to learn their techniques & tips easily & quickly. Rosie has contributed to both the national & local media (including Sunday Times, Guardian, Daily Mail & BBC) as an expert on improving personal productivity & effectiveness at work. Her approach is practical, highly effective & refreshing.  

Book Online Now by Clicking HEREHer 

I look forward to 'seeing' you on !

Kind Regards,

Rosie Gray

Mosaic Learning Ltd.


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