'Maintaining Peak Productivity At Work'

Author; Rosie Gray

How well we take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, has an important influence on our effectiveness at home and at work, and how well we can cope with stress. Just like any athlete, we perform better when we're physically prepared for the busy day ahead.

Sometimes taking care of ourselves comes last on our list, and only after everyone else's needs have been taken care of.

Bearing these Six Tips in mind can help you care for yourself, and in so doing, will improve your productivity.

  • Sleep

We all need different amounts and you know how rested you feel when you get out of bed. When we get enough sleep we're more rational, energetc and focussed. We make better decisions, and we're usually better company too!

  • Relax and take time off

We have holidays for a reason - take them. Learn to build in 'brain breaks' into your day to stretch, change focus and maybe laugh. Relaxation also has a positive impact on our creativity and innovation - it's not just Archimedes who had his best ideas in the bath!

  • Leave it

When you leave work at the end of the day, leave it truly behind. Developing a mental ritual can help you - maybe it's tidying up loose papers or planning the next day's priorities as your last task. Or you could use your journey home to mark the transition - listen to music, a favourite radio programme, or read if travelling by public transport. Others find a run or visit to the gym a powerful way to transition from one area of your life to the other.

  • Streamline

Whenever you have the opportunity, review your projects and activities - would it be wiser to take on fewer commitments and complete them? For example, you may produce a quicker, better quality result if you focussed on just 2 projects this quarter, rather than struggle to juggle 4. Apply this thinking to both home and work. Ask yourself; 'What could I possibly streamline to ensure I give quality attention to the people and activities I really care about?' Streamline your clutter too - time and frustration can be saved by easy access to the tools and information you need. You may even be able to turn some of your clutter into cash on ebay!

  • Eat well, drink well, exercise and laugh!

You'll feel much better and handle pressure more effectively when you do. Water prevents dehydration, a major cause of tiredness. It's tempting to miss our exercise sessions when we're busy - but it'll increase your energy levels when you keep the commitment.

  • Celebrate!

When you notice progress, reward yourself in the way you most appreciate. Perhaps flowers, chocolate, an early finish, a massage, a 'catch up' phone call to a friend ..... Go on - you deserve it!


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