How To Get Started When You're 'Stuck'

Author; Rosie Gray

With so much to do, many people find it hard to know where to start at times. So maybe we still don't get started!

Being 'stuck' can be a horrible uncomfortable feeling and most of us experience it from time to time. We want a result, but to get there we have to do something that, for whatever reason we're resisting with all our power.

Instead we procrastinate and fill our time with all manner of interesting diversions - long over chatty phone calls, catching up on the filing, yet another cup of coffee ..... etc etc. You know your personal favourites - they keep you busy, but aren't really the important activities.

If only some of that energy could be channelled towards 'It' instead! 

So What Is 'It'?

The 'It' you're avoiding doesn't have to be difficult or unpleasant - perhaps it's just not very exciting for you. But the impact is predictable. When you procrastinate, you risk letting others down, damaging your reputation and increasing pressure to meet the timescales. You know you're sabotaging yourself - and still do it!

Try This...

Imagine, you've been shipwrecked a couple of miles out to sea.

You must do 2 things to survive.

First you must tread water while you catch your breath and work out where you are - which direction is nearest land? You could go on doing this, hoping you'll be rescued quickly. But if nobody finds you soon, you're going to be in trouble.  Exhausted with the effort of treading water, you may not survive. So you must make an effort to start swimming towards the shore too.

So often when we're 'stuck', it's as if you're avoiding taking those first few strokes towards shore. You're hoping somehow you'll be rescued, the problem will vanish. You carry on 'treading water',using your energy on distracting activities. You feel increasingly uncomfortable, knowing the problem isn't going away, and may even be growing.

When you're 'stuck' it's essential you start 'swimming to shore' by taking those first few strokes that get you moving. Maybe it's as simple as picking up the phone, asking a colleague for help, or googling to find some ideas. Chances are you'll know exactly what to do first, but maybe the stroke beyond it is unclear. You may still have a long way to swim - but every stroke brings you closer to shore. Every stroke closer will help you to see what to do next.

A Tip To Get You Started

I often share this with my Clients (and use myself) when we're 'stuck';

First, bring the issue you're feeling stuck about fully to mind.

Then take a blank sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.

On the left hand side write this title;

'The Worst That Could Possibly Happen If I...'

And underneath, list everything bad that could possibly happen if you carry on 'treading water' with this issue.

Think big and dramatic if it helps - for example, 'If I don't write this proposal, I'll lose the sale, lose credibility, feel rejected, feel stupid, miss my targets, be disciplined for poor performance, get fired, no money coming in, lose my house, lose my car etc.' Dig deep - you might be surprised by the fears coming into your head.

 And now look at the right hand side of the page, and write this title;

'The Best That Could Possibly Happen If I...'

Underneath list all the upsides you can possibly imagine if you strike out and begin 'swimming for shore' on this issue today.

For example, 'If I complete this proposal I'll have moved a weight off my mind, I'll sleep better tonight, I can move on to more interesting work, I have a chance of winning this order, 'So and So' will be impressed/pleased, my bonus will be bigger, I'll get promoted, my Ferrari fund grows etc etc....' Whatever works for you.

Now look at your 2 lists and weigh them against each other.

Which would you really prefer? Hopefully the right hand list by a long way!

You know you're going to feel so much better when you stop procrastinating and act, and the second 'stroke' will be easier. In no time, you'll be past 'stuck' and using your energy to create positive results again.

So choose the first 'stroke' and get started now, as soon as you can!

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